The Story of How Skydiving Changed My Life

Mohammed Al Mamun
3 min readOct 16, 2018

Fear is a basic human emotion. Fear signals our senses in times of danger and prepares us physically and mentally for the sake of survival. Ironically, fear also holds us back from new experiences and realizing our inner strengths and full potential. But, you need to let go of our fears because the most rewarding experiences in life are usually the most terrifying.

Skydiving is one such experiences that I think every person should have in their bucket list. I am not a good advocate of skydiving but turned into one when I skydiving for the first time on my 30th birthday. Since things have changed. I always considered skydiving extremely daring and something only diehard adrenaline junkies would like. I am also not a fan of heights, thrills, rock climbing, or even roller coasters or anything that involved heights. Heck, even, horror flicks makes me uncomfortable. But, after going through this “ordeal” myself, it forever changed how I perceived my fears, challenges, and limitations.

That Fateful Day

As I already mentioned it was my birthday when I went skydiving. It was cool November morning in Dubai. The air was cold but not something that will send shivers down my spine. The sky was clear with no visible clouds in sight. To keep me focused I listened to a few motivational YouTube videos and just to get familiar I also watched a couple of skydiving vids. A professional skydiver whom I was planning to descend to almost 12,000 feet at 120 miles per hour, strapped my back against him. I felt my heart and it was racing so bad that I was afraid it will pop from my rib cage. Anyways we reached the desired altitude on a tiny place and before I was about to say anything I quickly realized that I was the first person to jump! I looked down and beneath me, I could see miles of the desert, the city’s famous skyscrapers and the famous palm islands. I opened the plane’s door and took the “giant” leap and I was on my way out.

I Forgot All of My Fears in the Sky

I took the dive and I was flying. I felt like a bird. I felt euphoric, thrilled, and limitless for the first time in my life. I forgot everything I was thinking for the moment. I left all of my stupid, petite worries on the ground, and let me make this absolutely clear — I LOVED IT AND I REALLY FELT IT!

I can see the entire city and I felt invincible. I was smiling the whole time as I was free falling through the air — and trust me that smile lasted for the entire day. I was incredible. I never felt like this my whole life. I wasn’t afraid of heights anymore. Death didn’t feel scary to me any longer. I wasn’t even bothered that I had no idea where we would land or what will happen to me if the parachute failed. In the next few seconds, the parachute opened and we started gliding across the blue sky. My instructor asked me to hold the parachute and I directed it against the wind. As we were descending, I could see the airfield where we took off. The experience was inexplicable and the excitement was overwhelming.

A Changed Perspective, A Changed Person

Skydiving changed my life. I learned that we are afraid because we are uncertain about the outcome. Fear prevents us from doing what is right in our personal, social, and professional lives and reaching our full potential. Whether it is a job interview, a marriage proposal, a first date, a first kiss, pursuing a dream, or even jumping out from a plane, you need to move past your fears, and if you do that, you can accomplish anything.



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