Why Are People Around The World Obsessed With Virgins?

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Virginity is a word that has been given many meanings and connotations in today’s society. It can be defined as the state of being unmarried or remaining chaste. The term “virgin” originates from the Latin word “Virgo”, which means maiden or young woman.

In recent years it has also become associated with innocence and purity, which people often associate with virginity (though not always). However, there is one thing we all know about virgins — they’re good girls!

The virgin myth began when people believed that if a man had intercourse with an untouched girl, he would gain her powers of fertility for himself. This idea was then translated into myths where women were symbolized by their sexuality, and men became obsessed with gaining their powers of fertility by taking them as wives. This idea of the chaste woman has remained in many societies, including some Islamic countries, where it’s ingrained into law that women must be virgins on their wedding night.

Women are also more respected if they’re still virgins when they get married. For example, in India, the idea of the pressure to remain a virgin until marriage has been documented in several studies. They found that the concept of virginity is important to Indians, and those who have pre-marital sex are often stigmatized as tainted.

Even though there’s such a strong association between chastity and honor, women often end up getting raped and sometimes even killed for not acting like virgins. In addition, there’s a strong belief that sexual intercourse can spoil a woman. This is why men have been known to have sex with their wives as little as possible, so they don’t become polluted by the experience.

This idea of being a virgin before marriage is so ingrained in Indian culture that a city in India — Vrindavan — also called “the city of widows” because it’s where many Hindu widows go to live after their husbands die. These women are expected to remain celibate and unmarried for the rest of their lives.

It’s not just India where this obsession with virginity exists. In many Middle Eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia, women are expected to remain virgins until they get married. If they’re caught having sex before marriage, they can be punished by law.

In some cultures, a woman’s virginity is seen as a valuable commodity that can be traded for money or goods. In others, it’s seen as a sign of purity and innocence. Regardless of the reasons, there’s no doubt that people worldwide are obsessed with virgins.

One reason for this is that virginity is often seen as a sign of purity. A woman who is still a virgin is considered more pure than one who isn’t. This can be especially important in cultures where virginity is seen as a valuable commodity. For example, in some parts of India, a woman’s virginity is auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Another reason for the obsession with virgins is that people often believe that virgins have special powers. Some cultures believe that virgins can heal the sick and perform other miracles. Others think they’re more likely to go to heaven or experience other religious rewards.

Whatever the reasons may be, there’s no doubt that people around the world are fascinated by virgins. Whether it’s because of their purity or their alleged powers, virgins continue to capture our attention.

While the idea of virginity is somewhat frowned upon in Western culture, it is still seen as a desirable trait. This is especially true for women, who are often judged more harshly than men for their sexual histories. In some cases, women are even shamed for being sexually active before marriage.

What’s The Real Reason Behind This Obsession?

Even though pre-marital sex is on the rise globally, the idea of being a virgin is still very much idolized. So why is this the case?

There are a few possible explanations for why people are still obsessed with virgins around the world. The first explanation is that many people believe that having sex before marriage will ruin their chances of finding a partner later in life.

This may be particularly true in cultures where there is a lot of pressure on a virgin before marriage. For example, in some cultures, a woman’s virginity is seen as a valuable commodity worth a lot of money. In other cases, a woman’s virginity may be seen as a sign of her purity and moral superiority.

Some people may believe that if a woman has sex before marriage, she will be less desirable to potential partners. This may be due to the belief that having sex before marriage will change a woman’s personality or make her less pure. Additionally, some people may think that having sex before marriage will lead to problems in the relationship.

Across the world, for hundreds of years, we’ve seen women labeled as “sluts” and “whores,” while men who sleep around are seen as virile. I propose that this is one of the main reasons why virginity has become confused with innocence and purity — because it’s more respected among societies around the world, even though many of us are not aware of its history.

On top of this, most women are raised to believe that the most important thing about them is their virginity. They’re told by different parts of society (both men and women) that if they’re not virgins, no one will find them attractive, love them, or want to marry them.

This causes many girls who aren’t virgins to go through many emotional struggles as they grow up — struggles that are avoided if it weren’t for the fact that some people out there still place so much value on a woman’s virginity.

Does This Mean All Of Us Should Stop Being Virgins Until We Get Married?


It just means smarter decisions need to be made when choosing your sexual partners. For example, if you decide to lose your virginity to someone who respects you and is kind — keep him around. But if you lose it with someone who doesn’t respect you or uses derogatory language towards women in their spare time (or, even worse, hits on your friends when looking for a quick hookup) — that’s a different matter.

In that case, don’t be surprised when they end up losing all interest in you after taking what’s left of your virginity and leaving you to pick up the pieces.

I have no doubt that more people are aware of these issues today compared to 100 years ago when most societies had patriarchal rules which reduced women to property owned by men — but even though many boys these days wouldn’t dare treat a girl this way, I’m sure there are still plenty out there who would.

So girls, please remember that just because someone says he cares about you doesn’t mean he cares about your feelings.

He may care enough to have sex with you, but that doesn’t mean he cares about being respectful or kind to you, or that his respect for women is higher than the amount of respect he has for himself — and most importantly, it doesn’t mean he’ll still respect you after losing your virginity.

So don’t lose your virginity just because society tells you. Society tells us that it’s essential to be a virgin when we get married, but that’s not true. What’s actually important is being with someone who loves and respects you for who you are.

That’s what will make your marriage strong and last for a lifetime. You deserve that kind of love and respect, no matter if you’re a virgin or not. So please remember that virgins don’t have to be perfect — they just need someone to love them for who they are.

Find someone who will love and respect you for exactly who you are, and remember that your virginity is yours alone — no one deserves it more than you do because no one has endured as much bullshit to keep it safe as you have.



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